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As the award-winning, flagship bimonthly print and digital magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Civil Engineering appeals to a broad range of readers who represent the full spectrum of civil engineering disciplines.

Civil Engineering provides a credible, respected environment for your brand.

  • 97% of respondents feel that Civil Engineering provides reliable information from credible authors
  • 95% of readers cite Civil Engineering as useful to engineering professionals
  • Almost a third of readers cite Civil Engineering as the ONE publication that provides the most useful information about products and manufacturers
  • The average Civil Engineering reader reads 3 out of 4 issues, and spends 30 minutes to 2 hours reading each
  • As a result of seeing ads in Civil Engineering, 85% of readers bought products or services, visited an advertisers’ website, saved an ad/article for future reference, or routed the ad to others
  • The average number of Civil Engineering readers is 2.1, comprising a total potential reading audience of 154,350

(Source: Harvey Research Organization, 2018 Reader Studies)


2021 Civil Engineering Editorial Planner

In addition to the content listed below, Civil Engineering includes in-depth feature articles every other month written by civil engineers on significant projects around the world. 

Civil Engineering magazine editorial calendar


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  • Publication trim size: 7.875" x 10.875"
  • Bleed: add .125" on all four sides of ad
  • Live area: deduct .25" from trim size, all four sides

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